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2021/04/06Blog: Open PHP Scripts in Browser from Windows Explorer
2020/08/21Blog: Linux: Turn jpeg images lossless out of Nautilus
2020/02/02Blog: MySQL root password in Ubuntu cannot be changed
2020/01/13Blog: TeXworks: Editor Window opens without Titlebar, no way to minimize
2019/12/04Blog: letsencrypt certbot: how to remove some domains from an existing certificate
2019/12/04Blog: VLC for Android stuck after sleep timer expired
2019/11/08Blog: rspamd and redis: Random Connection refused errors
2019/03/19Blog: PHP: DateTime::createFromFormat fails for string read from CSV
2019/01/04Blog: Mit dem Navi Diesel-Fahrverbote umfahren
2018/08/29Blog: phpBB: Upgrade fails (timeout) - solution and how to update on the CLI
2018/08/24Blog: Clementine Music Player needs to be started twice, no window on first start
2018/08/09Blog: Debian Unattended Upgrades: Upgrade Third Party mono packages (, icinga)
2018/08/03Blog: iptables: Accept IP address of current ssh client
2018/07/17Blog: Debian Stretch: Adjust the CPU priority (nice level) of systemd daemons like spamassasin, amavisd-new, clamd etc.
2018/07/05Blog: PHP: trying to catch an Exception, but it never gets caught?
2017/09/20Blog: How to find out the real name belonging to an email address for 1 cent through paypal
2017/06/13Blog: Putty: Automatically start an SSH tunnel without a window (headless)
2017/06/09Blog: Automatically run WP-CLI as the correct user
2017/03/26Blog: Zimbra: fix corrupt index open_conversation in an mboxgroup MySQL-DB
2017/02/26Blog: Postgrey: let nagios/icinga tell you what domains might need whitelisting
2016/12/14Blog: Microsoft and AOL sending DMARC aggregate reports (RUA) without DKIM signature
2016/11/15Blog: Typo3 Mask - Javascript and CSS includes of extensions missing
2016/08/17Blog: Linux Software Raid: Enlarge Raid Array of Hetzner EX41
2016/07/25Blog: Roundcube: Multiple identities (mail_domains) automatically created by default when user is created
2016/07/15Blog: Request-Tracker4: Enabling fast fulltext search with Sphinxsearch on Debian Jessie
2016/06/28Blog: flashplugin-installer cannot download files using unattended-upgrades on Ubuntu
2016/06/17Blog: Multimedia Keys "stuck" after Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade
2016/05/19Blog: Ubuntu Gnome: Upgrading to 16.04 Xenial Xerus fails: ubuntu-gnome-desktop (gdm, gnome-session, adwaita-icon-theme and adwaita-icon-theme-full)
2016/04/19Blog: Linux: Find the MAC address of your wireless adapter like wlan0
2016/03/16Blog: Typo3: Redirect backend to https and frontend to http
2015/07/30Blog: eclipse: Java was started but returned exit code=-13
2015/07/14Blog: Ubuntu Gnome 15.04: Hide Hidden files in Nautilus
2015/07/14Blog: Ubuntu Gnome: Sort folders first in Nautilus
2015/07/14Blog: Ubuntu Gnome: Find file starting with the letter you type in Nautilus
2015/07/04Blog: phpLiteAdmin is now hosted on bitbucket
2015/06/23Blog: Bind9 on Debian Wheezy: journal rollforward failed: journal out of sync with zone
2015/06/05Blog: Ubuntu gnome: minimize buttons missing after upgrade to vivid
2015/06/05Blog: Zimbra: Redirect http to https
2015/06/02Blog: Zimbra: Using zmpostfixpolicyd to stop backscatter
2015/05/21Blog: wp-cli: syntax error, unexpected '?', error connecting to the database
2015/05/04Blog: Typo3 6.2 and Crawler Failed opening required 'PATH_t3libclass.t3lib_page.php'
2015/04/22Blog: HTML5: why is my comment a 'bogus comment'!?
2015/03/20Blog: Remove duplicate mails from a maildir
2015/03/19Blog: Owncloud: Share-Button for calendar is missing
2015/03/14Blog: Bind nameserver: view cache entries
2015/03/06Blog: Owncloud: Upgrading to owncloud 8 fails (Integrity constraint violation in oc_filecache)
2015/03/06Blog: TortoiseGit: Windows for pull, push etc. take 5 minutes to appear, commit does not work
2015/03/06Blog: Spamassasin: MISSING_SUBJECT in every mail even though mail has a subject
2015/01/10Blog: Retro game Ignition / Bleifuss Fun under Windows 7 using DOSBox
2014/12/09Blog: Icinga: Group all services in a servicegroup instead of using a wildcard
2014/11/07Blog: Amazon Instant Video and Error 1002
2014/10/29Blog: RabbitVCS on Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Trusty Tahr
2014/08/13Blog: Icinga: Monitor refused mails in postfix mailqueue
2014/06/24Blog: Inkscape: Problem importing PDF
2014/06/09Blog: Windows 7: On a multi-screen setup, place windows at one half of a screen
2014/05/27Blog: Debian Linux: Update packages automatically
2014/05/16Blog: Inkscape: Dialog windows do not open on multi-screen setups
2014/05/09Blog: Updating to PHP 5.4 causes missing Text
2014/04/10Blog: Inkscape: Change Arrowhead color
2014/04/01Blog: Outlook 2010/2016: Nachrichtenkopfzeilen (Header) anzeigen
2014/03/27Blog: TeXworks: Compiling your main.tex from an included part
2014/01/18Blog: Linux: get members of a group / get groups of a user
2013/12/23Blog: phpLiteAdmin: French localization available for download
2013/10/11Blog: Stupid Spammers posting all their spam stock at once
2013/10/09Blog: Typo3 ts_lastupdate: Change Text
2013/09/26Blog: jQuery: check whether an element exists
2013/09/01Blog: MySQL: reset a forgotten MySQL root password
2013/08/11Blog: RT Request Tracker: Migrate From SQlite to mySQL
2013/05/05Blog: Online-Banking: Sicherheitslücke Auftragsvorlage
2013/04/25Blog: phpLiteAdmin: Italian translation available for download
2013/04/23Blog: Enlarge dynamic and fixed VHD virtual hard drives
2013/04/12Blog: Russian localization available for phpLiteAdmin
2013/04/05Blog: CrazyStat has been translated into French!
2013/03/26Blog: phpLiteAdmin: Arabic localization available for download
2013/03/21Blog: Linux: ACPI disabled, won't shut down, /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm vanished
2013/03/18Blog: phpLiteAdmin 1.9.4 released
2013/03/13Blog: TortoiseSVN: after stopping merge, workspace is "locked"
2013/02/26Blog: Montezuma Wordpress Theme: Solve Inline CSS
2013/02/07Blog: Icinga / Nagios: Notify a group of contacts about a group of hosts
2013/02/05Blog: Oxwall Community Software: How to create your own theme
2013/01/30Blog: Nagios / Icinga: Monitor (local) memory usage
2013/01/26Blog: Funny pseudo-exploit for phpLiteAdmin
2013/01/15Blog: phpLiteAdmin released fixing an XSS vulnerability
2013/01/12Blog: phpLiteAdmin: Another security release
2013/01/11Blog: phpLiteAdmin: Release fixes a security issue
2012/12/24Blog: Happy 7th birthday, CrazyStat! And merry christmas!
2012/12/11Blog: VIA VT6421 SATA RAID Controller: Hardware Initiate Failed (HDD)
2012/11/26Blog: CrazyStat: Detect Windows 8
2012/11/22Blog: Windows: How to find out the MAC address of your ethernet / wireless adapter?
2012/11/03Blog: phpLiteAdmin 1.9.3 released (security-update)
2012/10/09Blog: Portuguese language file for CrazyStat
2012/10/07Blog: SQLite: escaping table and column names correctly
2012/10/06Blog: Raspberry Pi as a digital webradio
2012/10/04Blog: PDO / sqlite: database table is locked
2012/09/11Blog: Zimbra: Setting up a free (real) "commercial" SSL certificate
2012/09/09Blog: Zimbra: Creating a new self-signed SSL certificate
2012/08/22Blog: DHL / : Kundenservice nur noch Social?
2012/08/19Blog: MythTV: DVD playback does not work
2012/08/14Blog: MySQL: How to do a (simple/complex) CHECK CONSTRAINT?
2012/08/07Blog: Flash on the Raspberry Pi
2012/06/30Blog: CrazyStat counting lots of hits / visits
2012/06/12Blog: LaTeX: multiline comments
2012/06/09Blog: Typo3 and other charsets than UTF-8 (latin1 / ISO-8859-1, ...)
2012/06/06Blog: The most complete Rainbow Table Lookup Site: Google!
2012/05/30 Blog: Released: phpLiteAdmin 1.9.2 includes CSV import/export
2012/05/13 News: Demo of CrazyStat updated to version 1.71 RC1
2012/04/26 Release: CrazyStat 1.71 RC1 (Blog)
2012/04/26 Blog: How to include CrazyStat in WordPress
2012/04/17 Blog: CrazyStat 1.70 detects Firefox 11 as 1.x (fix)
2012/03/26 Blog: autoNUM turns NUM on when external keyboard is connected
2012/03/21 Blog: Public SVN for CrazyStat
2012/03/13 Blog: sqlite.js: SQLite for Javascript!
2012/03/10 Blog: phpliteadmin: CSV import and export
2012/03/04 Blog: Forum (board) opened for discussion and support
2012/02/19 Blog: CrazyStat 1.71 will be available in Russian
2012/02/17 Blog: Subversion (SVN): Permanently remove files from history
2012/02/15 Blog: Wordpress: Frontend and Backend in different Language
2012/02/14 Blog: Horde language selection does not work
2012/01/12 Blog: Typo3: Mailform charset problems after upgrade
2011/12/26 Blog: CrazyStat development to get more open (Bugtracker, Wiki, FAQ, SVN)
2011/12/23 Blog: Happy 6th birthday, CrazyStat!
2011/12/02 Blog: CrazyStat 1.71: changes and features
2011/11/30 Blog: CrazyStat 1.71 speaks Danish
2011/11/24 News: Christosoft Blog started
2011/11/08 News: New detection files for Firefox 8 to 10
2011/07/11 News: New detection files for Firefox 5 and MSIE 10 available
2011/07/01 News: Follow Christosoft on Twitter!
2011/06/25 News: The download of CrazyStat 1.70 final contained a wrong version number "1.70 RC4", although it was the final version. This was now corrected. If you can choose Dutch as language, then you have the final version.
2011/06/04 Release: CrazyStat 1.70 final - some minor changes since RC4, see history for details
2011/06/01 News: If you like CrazyStat, please write a review at
2011/04/06 News: Dutch translation improved - if you speak Dutch, please check out the demo and send me improvements if you notice anything!
2011/04/04 News: CrazyStat was translated into Dutch by! You can already check out the demo before CrazyStat 1.70 final will be released with the Dutch language file!
2011/03/28 News: CrazyStat listet on
2011/03/26 Release: CrazyStat 1.70 RC4 fixes several smaller bugs and an XSS-hole (changelog)
2011/03/21 News: has a new design - thanks to!
2011/03/20 News: CrazyStat listet on
2011/03/14 Four tutorials/projects/snippets translated into English: autoNUM, PHP color gradient, DST and leap year
2011/03/12 The English version of the FAQ has now been completely manually checked and corrected. It's only available on at the moment.
2011/03/02 You can now subscribe for the newsletter about new CrazyStat-releases and more
2011/02/12 Please help translating CrazyStat into your language! If you speak any language other than English or German, please help translating CrazyStat into your language. It's easy and does not take long. Please contact me if you are interested.
2011/01/22 ATTENTION: By accident, CrazyStat 1.70 RC2 (not RC1 or RC3) included the folder stat/dev, which was not meant to be released and has potential security risks. Please delete this folder if it exists in your installation!
2011/01/22 Release: CrazyStat 1.70 RC3 includes several bugfixes
2011/01/16 News: CrazyStat listet on
2011/01/08 Release: CrazyStat 1.70 RC2 fixes some bugs of RC1 and introduces language-selection on login
2011/01/07 News: Demo of CrazyStat updated to version 1.70
2010/12/22 Release: Happy Birthday CrazyStat! On CrazyStat 5th birthday, CrazyStat 1.70 RC1 is being released