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Here I will publish some tutorials, php-snippets and smaller projects from time to time.

autoNUM turns NUM on/off when you plug your external keyboard in/out

This is a small program that turn NUM on/off when you plug your external keyboard in/out. It was designed for laptops without a NUM-pad where you want NUM off when no external keyboard is connected and on when one is connected.
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Color gradients with PHP

This tutorial offers a function which generates a gradient image. You can specify width, height and the color of the four corners. A useful snippet to generate shadow or light-effects dynamically.
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Calculate start and end of DST

This snippet calculates start and end of DST (Daylight saving time) of a given year.
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Check if a year is a leap year

This function checks whether a given year is a leap year.
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There are more Tutorials on my German website.