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Current Version:

CrazyStat 1.71 RC1 is the current recommended version of CrazyStat. In introduces new features, supports languages and fixes bugs. For detailed change log, see History.

Update-instructions: for CrazyStat 1.70 | for CrazyStat 1.5x / 1.6x

Download CrazyStat

Version 1.71 RC1 (Sourceforge-mirrors; zip; 319 KB)
Version 1.71 RC1 (Christosoft-server; zip; 319 KB)

Current detection-files for browsers, operating systems and robots

Here you can download the latest detection files for CrazyStat which include the newest detection strings for browsers, operating systems and robots.
These files detect Firefox up to version 10. They are newer than the files included in CrazyStat 1.70 final.
Just extract the content of the zipfile into stat/usr/keywords and clean the cache.

Download (08.11.2011; zip; 4 KB)

Older versions

Version 1.70 (zip; 278 KB)

Older versions of CrazyStat where available in German only. You can find those on the German website.

More downloads like the standalone log-tool and the download-counter are currently only available in German from the German website.