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03.10.2023 - 16:42:36



  • Statistics and counter in just one script!
  • live: all data is up-to-date
  • can work completely without JavaScript (which a lot of scripts can't)
  • no advertisement, logos or similar stuff on the pages counted, only small remark in alt-attribute of optional counter
  • independent of other service providers because it's a PHP script running on your server (data privacy, outages, ...)
  • configuration of IP blocking
  • IPs can optionally be saved anonymously so that visitors can not be tracked back
  • no MySQL required
  • no access to server-logs required
  • your pages stay valid HTML or XHTML
  • optionally, your own hits are not counted
  • log-files are optionally gzip-compressed so they use minimal webspace


  • All results are displayed on a clear interface that gives you all the information with a single glance using bar charts (all modules) and pie charts (only for browser, screen resolution and operating system).
  • For the following data, hits or visitors will be analyzed for any time span or total time:
    • total hits
    • hits this month
    • hits last month
    • users online
    • maximum hits / day
    • average hits / day
    • hits / weekday
    • hits / month
    • hits / day
    • hits / hour
    • browser used by visitor
    • files (pages) viewed by visitor
    • screen resolution of visitor
    • color depth
    • operating system
    • referrer
    • search phrases the user entered before coming to the site
  • average and sum values for all modules
  • optional password protection with multiple users, password saved and transferred encrypted
  • individual "presets" can be saved to access your preferred statistics-view easily and fastly
  • download and manage log-files from web interface (backup, delete)
  • logfile-viewer (as table)
  • search inside log-files (filter)
  • optimized analyzing-performance achieved by multiple caching techniques
  • multilingual GUI (English, Russian, German, Danish and Dutch at the moment, easy to translate)


  • can be turned off
  • when counter is turned off, visitor sees an image of your choice (e.g. blank.gif => user does not see anything)
  • counter design can be chosen freely upon hundreds of images available on the net for free (see counter styles)
  • count hits or visitors (blocking ips)
  • number of digits can be chosen freely
  • transparency possible to make the counter integrate as good as possible into your design
  • any value can be added to the real counter value (e.g. value of your old counter)
  • optionally the counter can display a configurable text when it's a reload
  • instead of a graphical counter, a text counter which integrates nicely into any text and can be styled using CSS can also be displayed